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Can you use a bit of guidance? Would you like to have a space to open up,

someone who hears, supports and encourages you...


Someone to help you recognize your worth & strengths,

to help you start believing in yourself, to have tools to keep moving ahead, 

 so that you can think of your future with a sense of excitement?

I'm a young reseach psychologist that loves to everything to do with

our brain, mind and behaviour. I'm here to help you figure out what is going on

inside that big beautiful head of ours during this awesome but sometimes confusing time. 

Then together, we'll find solutions. 



''Honoring the important and necessary changes in the adolescent mind and brain

rather than disrespecting them

 is crucial for both teens and their parents.


When we embrace these needed changes, we offer teens the support and guidance they need''

― Daniel J. Siegel, Brainstorm: the power and purpose of the teenage brain


I am passionate about girl power and I absolutely love supporting girls through their teen (and late teen) years through one-on-one coaching.

I run creative workshops for teen girls, where I combine confidence building with teaching and exposing them to all different sort of skills. From photography to filmmaking, to dancing and creating their owns brands. I invite young female professionals to come in and share their crafts with us, while we as a group learn, discover and create together.   

  I also love spreading research about the teen brain, behaviour and emotional development through adolescence to help both parents and girls understand the challenges and awesome parts of being a teen.


Talking about Teens & Tweens with Carrie Frais & Catriona Groves on the 'Carrie On Talking.' A little bit about what I believe are the biggest struggles for girls in 2018, perfectionism and the pressure that comes with it, the sexualization of girls, the good and bad of Social Media, the girl power retreat with and my coaching. 


Let's talk Teens & Tweens: Perfectionism, Social media and Coaching - Isabella Renirie & Carrie Frais
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''What she is doing is even more

enlightening than her Smile.

A treasure for all

"mothers - teenage daughters" 

shaky relations which are full of love but scarce in understanding!

I believe in many cases Isabella can turn out to be  the guiding light a teenage girl needs.''

- Maya Bekyarova

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